Laptop hard drives are made tough and too hard to break. They are kept in a strong and sealed metal casing. Apart from touch pad buttons and the laptop keyboard, the laptop hard drive is the only mechanical part present in the machine. As a result, it is very sensitive to external conditions such as electrical power changes, humidity changes, and temperature changes, shaking the laptop and dropping the laptop. With high density hard drive, it has been proved clearly that shouting or loud noise will affect the read and write accuracy of the disk adversely.

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Getting a computer virus attack is the ultimate thing which anybody likes to deal with. The virus of computer causes damage by using memory resources and CPU. For increasing the rate of damage, it can replicate several copies itself. Moreover, it can prevent other programs particularly anti-virus applications from operating. This virus can delete data which remains stored on your external and internal storage devices of computer. So, it is pertinent for you learn some techniques so that you are able to salvage data.

Who can help you?

First of all, you need to know your storage device for salvaging your data. The foremost step involves getting a storage salvage-datadevice. There are lots of options when it is a matter of selecting a suitable kind of storage device for salvaging your data. Being dependent on the quantum of data and availability of your software and hardware, you need to select an external or internal hard drive or a USB flash drive. You may also make use of other media storage devices like a DVD. After you have salvaged your data, you should remove or disable the device from your computer in order to prevent it from being eliminated by the virus.

salvage dataMethods to salvage our data

  • You can make use of third party software to salvage your data. There are lots of free software which let you salvage your data outside the operation of the OS (Operating System). Basically, you can boot up your computer by making use of a bootable device like USB or a DVD containing the program. Nevertheless, you may also need to allow such bootable devices in your BIOS option setting for booting from them. After your computer has booted up from one of such bootable devices, the program is fed and you are proffered an option to salvage your data on your hard drive.
  • You can salvage your data by making use of an alternate account. Being dependent on the design of the virus, it may or may not be able to cause damage outside the affected account. You can try to remove or disable the virus with the help of privileged account.
  • You can disconnect your computer from the internet for minimizing the strength of virus. For this, you simply need to disable wireless network interface, the computer network interface or eliminate the Ethernet cable for disconnection of your computer from the internet. With no internet connection, the chances of computer being assaulted by virus become slimmer. However, if you cannot disconnect you computer from the internet, then you need not browse the internet unless and until it is important.
  • Computers hold track of the last known good configuration for a genuine reasons. It lets you load your computer settings and programs before the virus of computer gets entry into your computer. It is pertinent for you to realize that loading the last known configuration is likely to lose other present settings and programs operating on your computer. Though you may need to re-install some of the programs, you need not worry about the virus. Nevertheless, you should salvage data anyway in the case of computer virus attack.


Basics of data recovery

Data recovery is about the process of recovering data from a removable disk, hard drive or other kind of electronic storage media like flash memory, database, server, RAID array, a backup tape drive etc when the data cannot be accessed through ordinary means. There are several methods of storing data such as CDs or DVDs, removable disks, hard drives etc. It hardly matters how trustworthy these storage products are, any electronic or mechanical device fail to work in a normal way.

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About four decades back, there existed only one kind of computer system. At the present time, there exist a large variety of computers. Technological advancement has been really outstanding in the hardware industry. The recent Linux file systems and the varied UNIX file systems have become the subject of the newsletter of this month. Although there are lots of machines using Microsoft file systems, UNIX file systems have existed for a very long time.

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With the widespread use of mobile phones and memory card, most of the people like to save some pertinent files to memory card inserted in their mobile phones. Sometimes, this action helps us in accessing the files, but it gets dangerous since data loss may happen anytime. With the development of mobile phone, we are able to make use of mobile phone for surfing the internet. Nevertheless, malicious programs are likely to assault our mobile phones anytime to cause a great data loss. Since data loss caused by malicious assault is a great failure, we all can make use of data recovery tools for recovery of lost data.

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